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"Space Pirate encrypted data decoded."

The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from the game's internal data.


Short Battle (named so in internal data) is a dark battle theme in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is used for several minibosses and recurring large creatures, such as the Bomb Guardian, Alpha Blogg and Grapple Guardian battles, during Dark Pirate Commando encounters, and when the Tallon Metroids in the Biostorage Station room of the Space Pirate mining facility escape.

Short Battle was composed by Kenji Yamamoto, and is heavily composed of percussive beats. Its usage in Dark Pirate Commando battles is very similar to the Chozo Ghosts and their accompanying theme in Metroid Prime. If during encounters with Commandoes Samus chooses not to engage with them, the theme will fade as she leaves the room, or if she waits for the Pirates to leave.

The theme can be heard here.

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