Four players on the Sidehopper Station stage.

Sidehopper Station is a multiplayer stage in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


It is a Space Pirate station in orbit around Tallon IV. It is shaped very similarly to a large Sidehopper. On the "legs" of the Sidehopper are Kinetic Orb Cannons that launch Samus Aran from one side to another.

There is also a roof area accessable from the upper lever lever of two tunnels that connect the main room to two sub-rooms which in turn, connect to the two "legs" of the station. Able to be seen from the "legs" of the station, there is a Spider Ball Track above the gap between the "legs". In the main room, on the upper level, there are two exits that lead to the track.

This stage has two Randomizers situated next to the Orb Cannons.


  • This space station is based on the Frigate Orpheon and orbits Tallon IV. A Sidehopper could be heard behind a locked door (and seen in a scan) on the Orpheon. The stage's name is more than likely a reference to the latter.
  • The Secret World can be found in this map: [1]
  • If a player is standing in the path of one of the Kinetic Orb Cannons while another player is using it, the first player will die.
  • This is one of two levels that allow two Morph Balls fired out of Kinetic Orb Cannons to collide, causing death to both players and giving both of them a kill point, the other being Spires.

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