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Silver Space Pirates[1] are the most resilient form of Zebesian Space Pirates encountered in Super Metroid.


They are stationed in Ridley's Hideout several rooms before Samus fights Ridley, essentially making them his guards. Another variant, behaving like normal Space Pirates, appears in the rebuilt Tourian during the escape.

The fighter variants always appear in pairs and have dull silver-colored armor. They are invulnerable to all types of weaponry, including the Screw Attack, in their normal state. However, when they make a diving kick at Samus, their armor briefly turns golden. This makes them temporarily identical to the weaker Yellow Pirates seen earlier in Ridley's Hideout. At this point, they are vulnerable to Samus' Missiles, Super Missiles, or Charge Beam shots. They take three Super Missiles or two charged shots of the Wave-Ice-Plasma Beam to kill in this state.

They attack by throwing their claws at Samus, somersaulting, and by using two kick variations, one of which is close-range. To defeat them, Samus must jump over them. This triggers them to somersault into the air and jump kick, leaving them vulnerable. Defeating them opens up a Metal Door, allowing Samus to proceed to Ridley. These pirates are among the only enemies in the game to drop multiple pickups when defeated.

After defeating Mother Brain, Samus encounters more Silver Space Pirates throughout Tourian, as well as two Silver Pirates stationed in the original Tourian's ruins (now part of Crateria). These Pirates appear identical to the pirates in Ridley's Hideout, but are much easier to fight. They can be attacked and killed by any weapon in Samus' arsenal (including the newly-acquired Hyper Beam) at any time, and have much less health (25 energy units) than the Norfair variant. The Silver Space Pirates found during the escape do not drop pickups upon defeat.


  • The fact that the Silver Space Pirates turn yellow when jump-kicking makes it plausible that they have some sort of temporary shield or force field around them, which disengages for a short moment when making a difficult movement.
  • The Gold Space Pirates of Metroid Fusion behave very similarly to Silver Space Pirates in Super Metroid, as two must be defeated before access to Neo-Ridley is granted. These can only be damaged by attacking their backs, though the Screw Attack easily defeats them. The Gray Space Pirate from Metroid: Zero Mission is another resilient Zebesian type that must be defeated in order to open a door.



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