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SSB Ultimate Ridley down special

Ridley using Skewer on Fox in a pre-release screenshot.

Skewer is the down special move of Ridley in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

During the attack, Ridley pauses before suddenly stabbing his opponent with his tail. The attack has a long startup and is able to hit some distance away. Skewer does minimal damage if he hits with the base of his tail, but there is a sweetspot at the center of the tip of the tail. If that hits an opponent, the target will be impaled and dealt almost ten times as much damage. Hitting with the sweetspot will also negate another fighter's shield if they are using it. A fighter hit with the sweetspot will collapse to the ground, much like a fully charged Focus Attack (Ryu and Ken's down special move). Precision is needed to properly execute the move, but if done correctly it can pierce several targets at once with no deductions. When hitting the sweet spot, Ridley also opens his mouth wide with his tongue sticking out.

Aside from gameplay, Ridley was seen using a similar move to impale Mega Man in the cinematic for his debut trailer, A Piercing Screech.

While Ridley has not used this exact move in the Metroid series, many of his attacks involve him jabbing Samus Aran with the spike end of his tail while he flies in the air. The move resembles how he murdered Gray Voice in Metroid: Volume 2.

Official dataEdit

Super Smash Bros. UltimateEdit

65 Ridley
"Stabs forward with the sharp end of its tail. With the right positioning, this can be a debilitating blow!"
Tips - Skewer (Down Special)
"Hit an opponent with the tip of the tail to land a critical hit that deals immense damage. It's easier to use when fighters are clustered together. It's super effective in Stamina mode."


  • Owing to how the Metroid franchise takes a lot of inspiration from the Alien series, Ridley's skewer attack, especially when used in A Piercing Screech against Mega Man, resembles how the Queen Alien tore apart the android Bishop in the climax to Aliens.


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