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A skin pouch (皮袋?)[1] is an ancient Chozo technology employed by Chozo warriors.

The skin pouch is attached to a tube that is carried in the Chozo warrior's beaks. Its function is to stimulate and enhance the warrior's fighting mood, since the skin pouch contains certain aromatic herbs and seeds.

The skin pouch is prevalent enough in Chozo culture that its tubes are frequently depicted in Zebesian Chozo art depicting their warriors. The Power Grip Chozo Statue in Crateria's Chozo Ruins and the Chozodia Ruins Test are among those depicted wearing them.

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"This tube extending from the mouth of the Chozo is equipped when the Chozo Warrior is in battle. The bit portion that goes into the tube leads to a skin pouch."
"Various aromatic herbs and stimulating seeds are put inside the pouch; when the Chozo smells these, they will enhance his fighting mood."