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Skultera (スカルテトラ Skulltetra?) is an aggressive species of fish that appears in various Metroid games.


These creatures are native to Zebes, and are mostly encountered in the planet's underground oceans of Maridia. They can also be seen in the pools of water from Crateria near and in the Wrecked Ship, such as the flooded cavern. In Super Metroid, they can also be found in one room in Brinstar. If Samus Aran approaches them, they will home in on her and attack her.

An untold number of Skulteras were captured and brought to the Biologic Space Laboratories research station, but were later infected and/or mimicked by X Parasites during the events of Metroid Fusion. Other than changing their blue color to orange, the X have made no modifications to the Skulteras' performance. However, if a Skultera swims near a free-floating X Parasite, the latter would immediately combine with the former to create an unnaturally larger Skultera. The small ones can be defeated by rapid fire, but the larger ones have a thick bone growth on their heads, and are only vulnerable to fully charged beams or Missiles. An X released from the remains of either Skultera variant can fuse with a nearby infected/mimicked Zebesian to form the Aqua Zebesian; this is due to the X's ability to carry, modify and combine the DNA of their victims.

Curiously, the large Skulteras featured in Fusion returned in the later released prequel Metroid: Zero Mission as standard, Skulteras from Zebes. Despite being larger than those seen in Super Metroid, these fish are actually quite weaker than all other variants encountered in games chronologically following Zero Mission's events.

A Skultera on the BOTTLE SHIP

Skulteras appear once again in Metroid: Other M, in their first 3D appearance. They were first confirmed in pages of an interview in the Japanese magazine Famitsu. They swim around various flooded areas of the Cryosphere and Biosphere (such as the water-filled tank and room) and can latch onto Samus and gnaw on her. If Samus leaves the water while pursued by a Skultera, there is a chance it will leap after her and flop around on the dry ground. The game's concept art identifies the creature as an Aquatic Monster (水棲モンスター?)[1].

Official data[]

Super Metroid manual[]

"These creatures are fish with bony frames and joints that rotate mechanically."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Enemy Data Description
Color HP ATK E BE M SM PB Maridia. These strong fish swim back-and-forth.
Normal 300 80 31 12 27 2 0


Metroid: Other M Art Folio[]

Aquatic Dangers[]

"Many of the Bottle Ship areas were intentionally flooded and my reconnaissance of them nearly proved to be fatal. Schools of Skulteras attacked me at every turn, and the liquid environments slowed my movements to a crawl. Fortunately, the Power Suit's air supply made breathing the one thing I didn't need to worry about."

Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other M[]

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"Swimming around in the water, Skulltetras are fish-like creatures. When gathered together they will attack at once, so try to defeat them all one at a time."