AU Status Screen 3

The AU Status Screen indicating that the network is back online.

SkyTown's network is the network by which SkyTown, Elysia operates.

Samus Aran, at the beginning of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, is tasked with purging the few remaining Aurora Units infected with the corruption virus of their infection. However, this mission is soon sidetracked by the Space Pirates' invasion of Norion and attempt at corruption with a Leviathan, although Samus, Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda manage to avert the catastrophe.

Later, after destroying the Bryyo Seed, Aurora Unit 242 contacts Samus, uploading the Galactic Federation vaccine to her Varia Suit and giving her the objective of curing Aurora Unit 217. Samus flies to Elysia and sets about to complete her objective. She manages to upload the vaccine, but Ghor, now corrupt, enters the Aurora Chamber and damages 217's circuitry, bringing the SkyTown network down. Ghor quickly leaves before Samus can kill him.

217 was online but the network was not. The Aurora asks Samus to hunt Ghor down for his Plasma Beam, a weapon capable of welding the circuitry back together. Samus kills Ghor and steals his plasma cannon, returning to re-weld the circuitry. This allows her to begin a new sidequest of collecting the Theronian Bomb components.

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