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The "SkyTown announcer"[1] is a robotic feminine voice present in SkyTown, Elysia. It is heard at various points during Samus's time there in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, offering warnings and giving Samus hints as to what she should do next. Similar to Aurora Units, the announcer has a radio effect on its voice.

It is first heard when Samus attempts to interface with Aurora Unit 217, by saying that the Aurora Unit requires repair. It then opens a hatch to the maintenance level of its Chamber, where Samus vaccinates 217. After Samus repairs the circuit boards there following Ghor's death, 217 initiates a migration of SkyTown towards the Leviathan Shield. When the process is complete, the voice can be heard again saying "SKYTOWN MIGRATION COMPLETE."

As Samus is shutting down the Spire, the voice speaks again as the Escape Pod is deployed, then as the Spire shutdown sequence begins, when the pod malfunctions, when every minute passes, and when the Escape Pod is restored. After this, the voice is not heard again.

The announcer was voiced either by Claire Hamilton or Mary Law. The Bottle Ship P.A. Announcer in Metroid: Other M plays a similar role.


The Aurora Unit is corrupted and requires repair. Opening maintenance level hatch.

—When Samus interfaces with 217


—When the migration of SkyTown is finished.

Engine override initiated. Deploying emergency escape pod.

(not subtitled) Scuttle sequence commencing. Five minutes until engine shutdown.

Escape pod malfunction. Opening repair access tunnel.

(not subtitled) Engine shutdown in 4/3/2/1 minutes/minute.

Escape pod online.

—When the Escape Pod is deployed.


  1. ^ Conjectural name. The announcer has no unique name within the internal files or in the game itself.