The Sky Puffer is a creature very similar to other types of Puffer. It feeds on noxious gasses above SkyTown, and especially likes Phazon gas. As it is stated in its Logbook entry to be native to the planet Elysia, it is assumed to be one of the few biological lifeforms that call the planet home, despite its metallic appearance.[1]


Logbook entryEdit


Sky Puffer

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Morphology: Sky Puffer
Vulnerable to basic weaponry. Consumes and emits deadly gases.

Logbook entry

The external shell of the Sky Puffer is incredibly fragile, susceptible to most small arms fire. Only a few shots from basic weapons can damage it. Sky Puffers are native to the planet Elysia. They feed on the various noxious gasses in the atmosphere. They are especially fond of Phazon gas.



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