The Dark Aether version of the Temple Grounds, the Sky Temple Grounds is the area surrounding the Sky Temple. It is a very dangerous place as its atmosphere is very damaging, even with the resistance offered by the Dark Suit. Many Ing guard the area, making sure none get the Temple Keys hidden throughout the land. Samus faces Dark Samus here at the end of the game. It hides three Sky Temple Keys.

Areas and Main Rooms[]

Like its Aether counterpart, this area is divided into three. Each of these areas have one of the three Sky Temple Keys located here.

South Area[]

This area is very small, consisting of only three rooms.

Main Rooms[]

North Area[]

This area is bigger than the South Area, and has large quantities of Phazon in some rooms.

Main Rooms[]

Ing Windchamber[]

Isolated from all other rooms is the Ing Windchamber.

West Area[]

The largest area in the region. Contains Ing in some rooms.

Main Rooms[]

Differences from the Temple Grounds[]

This area is probably one of the most different from its Aether version:

  • It has three different areas that do not link, as they are completely isolated from each other by Ingworms.
  • It does not have the Splinter Hive area (explored in-game).
  • It does not contain the GFMC area (as they landed in Aether after the creation of Dark Aether).
  • It has Phazon in some rooms.



  • Sky Temple Grounds is the only area in the game without a Save Station.
  • Early in the game, Samus travels through a portal in Hive Chamber B to a Portal Site on Dark Aether that isn't seen or explorable in the game again. Unlike the Aether version, this room is open and has a wall of Phazon opposite of the portal. Strangely, this room has a Light Crystal, indicating that the Luminoth explored this area. As the room is only seen in a cutscene and the portal disappears after it, it is impossible to tell at all if the "Splinter Hive" exists in Dark Aether.

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