Hive Dynamo Works' Sky Temple Key.

In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the Sky Temple Keys were ten keys that locked the Ing's home on Dark Aether. Similar in appearance to the Dark Temple Keys, these artifacts were hidden on various parts of Dark Aether by Flying Ing Caches. They resemble floating gyroscopes with greenish white jewels at their centers. Collecting all of them is vital to open the way up to the Sky Temple, where the Emperor Ing awaits Samus Aran's arrival.


All 9 Sky Temple Keys

Samus only has to collect nine out of ten Keys (as one of the Luminoth Keybearers, A-Kul, managed to retrieve and place one of the keys into the Sky Temple Gateway), and to do so, she can scan the bodies of the lifeless Keybearers to find that the Ing carried them to the Dark Aether equivalent of the places where said Keybearers died. This means that Samus, after finding one corpse, has to find the closest Dark Portal, enter it and then make her way to the Dark variation of the corpse's recorded location; once there, she has to use her Dark Visor to locate a Flying Ing Cache, whose defeat will release one of the Keys; this procedure is repeated until all Keys are found.

A second source of clues come from the Sky Temple Gateway, where A-Kul foresaw the locations of the fallen Keybearers and left messages regarding where to find the Keys they retrieved. The key hunt can begin relatively early (after Samus finds the Dark Visor), but can only be completed after gaining the Light Suit, as some Keys are hidden either behind warp spots known as Light Shafts or under Dark Water. The Keys are located in the following zones:

Dark Agon Wastes[]

Dark Torvus Bog[]

Ing Hive[]

Sky Temple Grounds[]

Inventory data[]

Sky Temple Key

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Inventory entry

The Key of [name of Keybearer] is one of nine needed to open the Sky Temple.

Samus's Notes

You must collect all nine keys to gain access to the Sky Temple.

"Sky Temple Key
One of nine needed to open the Sky Temple."

Development notes[]

Regarding criticism of the "fetch quests" near the end of Prime and Echoes (collecting the Chozo Artifacts and Sky Temple Keys), Mike Wikan implied they were not Retro Studios' idea.[1] According to Kynan Pearson, it came about late in development after discussions between Retro and Nintendo SPD. The end-game fetch quest of collecting the Sky Temple Keys felt necessary to encourage re-exploration of previous areas with additional abilities.[2]


  • If Samus uses her Dark Visor in a room where a deceased Keybearer is, the silhouette of the Ing Cache holding the snatched Key can be seen, but cannot be killed from Aether.
  • Coincidentally, Sky Temple Key 8 (see the above list) is located in the Dark Aether variation of the room where Samus crash landed on the planet.
  • Keys one, six, and nine can be collected prior of the collection of the Light Suit, so the period of the quest can be shortened by getting them before the call of their requirement.
    • It is also quite possible to collect Sky Temple Key 8 without the Light Suit. However, this requires several Energy Tanks, as Samus will otherwise succumb to the air of Dark Aether before she can reach and return from the Defiled Shrine.
  • Sky Temple Keys, like Dark Temple Keys are excluded from the game's item collection percentage.
  • The Key Attainment Jingle plays whenever Samus acquires a Sky Temple Key.



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