Skybridge Athene is a room on Eastern SkyTown. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is a bridge suspended high above the clouds of Elysia. Should Samus fall, she will take damage and respawn back at the top. On the first visit, there are two pairs of four Tinbots that walk along the bridge and attack Samus. After she gains the Ship Grapple, there is only one pair, and a Space Pirate ATC is also present.

Connecting roomsEdit


Skybridge Athene

Samus about to boost into a bunch of Tinbots.

Before Ship Grapple:

After Ship Grapple


  • It is interesting to note that if Samus returns to this room after gaining the Ship Grapple, she can witness the Tinbots and Space Pirate ATC shooting each other. Shortly, their "feud" will end and they will both turn to fire on Samus.


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