Transit Station 0205

Samus battles a Berserker Knight on the Skyway.

The Skyway is a northern subsection of the Pirate Command centre on the Pirate Homeworld. The Skyway is a line of Transit Stations and Transit Tunnels which lead to the Pirate Homeworld Seed. As with other sections of the Pirate complex, the Skyway is dimly lit with an orange shade. Various pools of liquid Phazon appear in the area, alongside other Phazon growths that increase in occurrence closer to the Seed.


The Skyway is one singular Transit line which leads to the Seed. This line cannot be traversed on foot, however, as hazardous electrical static covers the tracks. Instead, a system of connecting passageways lead around the line.

The Pirates take great measures to secure their Leviathan. Access to the Skyway is restricted to authorised Space Pirate personnel. A de-energised terminal lock is in place over the entrance to the Skyway line, which in turn is protected by two large blast shutters in Skyway Access. These shutters are programmed to slam shut when the Pirate Alarm System is triggered by hidden movement sensors in the room. This will summon a squadron of Commando Pirates and Crawltanks to neutralize the intruder.

Cargo and mining operations are conducted by harvesting the rich source of Phazon provided by the Pirate Seed. These resources are then loaded into Transit trams, which will use the Skyway to ferry the various goods to different parts of the Homeworld. Phazite and other forms of crystallized Phazon will be taken to be fashioned into armour for the Pirate military. Any unknown or potentially useful Phazon bodies will be distributed to the Pirate Research sector for analysis and research into how it could benefit Pirate forces.

Transit Station Leviathan

Transit Station Leviathan

The final Transit Station, Transit Station Leviathan, is the entrance to the Seed. It also serves as a Landing Site when the tram line is not in operation. The shutter doors cannot be opened to allow Ships to land without manual input on the primary control terminal in the room. Shields can be lowered to prevent access to this terminal in the event of a security breach.

List of rooms in the SkywayEdit

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