Skyway Access is a room in Pirate Command in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Admiral Dane lands to brief Samus alongside two Demolition Troopers.

This room is placed above Landing Site Bravo. Originally, it cannot be accessed by Samus until she obtains the Hazard Shield due to the Acid Rain on the homeworld. This room is full of Phazon canisters. When Samus enters the room, she will accidentally set off the Pirate Alarm System, and cause the gate leading to the transit stations of the Skyway beyond to shut. Numerous Pirates and Pirate mechanisms will also appear. After she defeats the Pirates in the room, Crawltanks will promptly crawl out of small passages to attack Samus. Once defeated, a Morph Ball tunnel exposed by a Crawltank's entrance can be used, transporting Samus to Defense Access.

Later, when Samus has disabled the planet's Defense system generator, she returns to this room. The G.F.S. Olympus flies over, and Fleet Admiral Castor Dane as well as several Demolition Troopers that brief Samus on her upcoming mission as they destroy the gate. Samus then proceeds to the cargo line leading to the Pirate Homeworld Seed, protecting twelve Demolition Troopers as they try to get to the Seed entrance.

Admiral Dane briefing[]

Outstanding work, Samus. I don't say this often, but I sure am impressed.

That said, you've still got work to do. Up ahead is the pirate cargo line that leads to the Seed. There is a large security door located at the end.

Four Demolition Troopers are needed to open the final door, so you need to make sure enough of them make it safely through this area.

You are the only one who can destroy the Seed. We'll help you along the way, but once we get there, it's up to you to finish the job.

We're right behind you, Samus! Do some damage!

—Admiral Dane

Demolition Trooper dialogue[]

The explosive charges we carry are the only things that can get through the doors at the end of the skyway.

—Trooper, positioned left

The pirates have already sent reinforcements through the cargo line to protect the Seed entrance. Expect heavy resistance.

—Trooper, positioned right

Samus, we are part of the demolition reinforcement squad.

Since our armor is weaker than most other troopers, we need you to watch our backs through this area. Our group color is yellow.

Most of the demolition team has already started moving toward the Seed, so you better get going.

Good luck.

—Trooper, positioned right

Connecting rooms[]


The Demolition Troopers guarding the blasted shield doors.


"Skyway access gate locked. Unable to open while the center's defense system is online."
Gate (destroyed)
"Access gate has been destroyed by the Federation. Skyway is now accessible."
Phazite panel
"Structure appears to be made entirely of PHazite. High-frequency Beams could shoot through it."
"Our great leader, with the aid of our captured Aurora Unit, has discovered many of Phaaze's secrets. Dark Samus can now command the living world to send forth Phazon Seeds! She was eager to test this new power. When we heard the first world to receive this blessing was our Homeworld, we rejoiced.
The Seed was sent into the void, and quickly made its way to our Homeworld. Our brethren foolishly tried to repel it, but their efforts were in vain. To think, once we were as pathetic as them! Now the deed is done, and slowly, our Homeworld becomes like Phaaze. Soon, there will be two living planets, two Phazon sources for our great leader to use as she sees fit. Soon, there will be thousands of new disciples for her to command."