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The Slide is a new ability of Samus in Metroid Dread. It allows Samus to quickly slide under short gaps, allowing her to pass through them. Dread marks the first time that Samus can navigate small tunnels without the Morph Ball, which she still acquires in the game, albeit later. However, Samus can only slide through tunnels that are on ground level, leaving her unable to enter tunnels that are some distance off the ground. Her sliding ability first appeared during the flashback cutscene to her first encounter with Raven Beak, where she utilized it to dodge the latter's arm cannon blast.

If Samus successfully blocks an E.M.M.I. attack before it can kill her, they will be stunned, allowing her to slide underneath them and flee. Additionally, Samus is able to slide under the legs of some regular enemies too, effectively dodging straight past them without taking damage. Samus is also able to perform Melee Counters while sliding, which takes the form of an overhead bicycle kick. If the Speed Booster is active, Samus can slide to pass through tunnels without losing the boost, which is critical for some of the game's Shinespark puzzles.

Before obtaining the Gravity Suit, sliding does not work underwater.

Samus can perform a Slide Jump by jumping just as she slides off a ledge, giving her slightly more jumping distance.

Sliding previously appeared in Metroid: Other M. During the countdown sequence at the end of the game, Zero Suit Samus can slide under closing shutters and obstructions as she returns to her Star Ship. In Metroid: Zero Mission, Zero Suit Samus crawls through tunnels.

Official data[]

Metroid Dread Report[]

"Slide is a new action in the series, allowing Samus to move through small gaps without stopping."[]

"Keep momentum going by moving through small gaps without stopping."