The Slow Beam is an equippable Assist item in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. When fired by a Federation Marine, it slows down a target's movement. The more fire that the enemy takes, the slower they move. It somewhat resembles the Snare Beam used by the Metroid Prime.

"A beam that slows a target's movement with prolonged contact."


The Slow Beam can be enhanced with three MODs; Enhanced Slow, which increases the length of time an enemy is slowed down, Arcing Slow Beam, which allows its effects to be chained between up to 5 enemies, and Energy Siphon, which drains energy from enemies hit with the Slow Beam. The former two MODs come in three levels of power - increasing how long it will take an enemy to recover from the Slow Beam's effects by 25, 50 or 100%, and the number of enemies it can ensnare by 2, 3 or 5. Only one copy of either MOD can be equipped at a time. The Energy Siphon MOD's energy-draining ability is similar to the Grapple Voltage in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Enhanced Slow
"Increase how long enemies take to recover from the slowing effect by 25%/50%/100%."
Arcing Slow Beam
"Slow can chain to x2/x3/x5 nearby enemies."
Energy Siphon
"Slow Beam drains enemy Energy."