Snare Beam

The Snare Beam is an attack used by the creature Metroid Prime. It can be used to ensnare victims and pull them towards the creature's gigantic maw. It is fired from two small nodes on the front of Metroid Prime. The Snare Beam is actually a double beam that has an appearance similar to that of the Grapple Beam used by Samus Aran, albeit with a green colouring.

Version differencesEdit

In the original NTSC version of Metroid Prime, Samus could escape from Metroid Prime's Snare Beam by shooting the creature. However, in all subsequent versions (PAL, New Play Control! and Metroid Prime Trilogy), the beam could only be escaped by the use of the Boost Ball. Although entering Morph Ball mode will carry the momentum from the force of the attack toward Metroid Prime, the combination of resistance and use of the Boost Ball will allow Samus to safely escape.