The Snatcher is an insect-like creature native to Bryyo. Snatchers have a unique symbiotic relationship with the Korba: Snatchers levitate food up to the Korba to feed it; anything the Korba cannot eat will be thrown back to the Snatchers for them to eat. Samus can utilise this partnership by letting Snatchers levitate her to desired heights before dissipating them with a Bomb.

Snatchers are found in the Hillside Vista and Main Lift rooms.

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Morphology: Snatcher
Works with a Korba to feed. Vulnerable to concussive blasts.

Logbook entry

Snatchers are cunning, albeit weak, bioforms. Unable to kill most prey on their own, they rely on the stronger Korba to do the work for them. Snatchers will swarm onto a target until it is overwhelmed. Once they have their prey, they use their powers to levitate the victim to a point where the Korba can devour them. What the Korba cannot digest, it expels to feed the Snatchers. This symbiotic relationship works well for both Snatchers and the Korba.


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