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The "snow hub" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The snow hub is the first major room of the Cryosphere, and it connects to multiple other rooms. It is a corridor in the shape of an L. It is lined with ice pillar formations and stalagmites, some of which fall over or have already fallen over on the first visit. All of the ice has a light blue tint. Snow can be seen covering the floor and falling from the sky; whether it is real or artificially generated is unknown. Around the corner is a high ice bridge, which can be ascended using two platforms attached to it. These platforms are lined with icicles, which are noticeably sprite-based and appear choppy.

Atop the bridge are two sturdy ice walls on either end, which can only be broken through with the Speed Booster. On the other side of the bridge is another portion of hallway with falling stalagmites and ice formations, which ends with another set of platforms leading up to the exit door.

Samus fighting the Volfons.

On Samus's first visit to the room, wolf-like howling can be heard. Near the bridge is a Fly Pod on the back wall that continually spawns Himellas until it is destroyed. When Samus crosses the bridge and reaches the end, a Volfon appears, revealing it is the source of the howling. It summons three others of its kind, forcing Samus to battle them. The howling continues during the battle and afterward, even when Samus returns to the room after draining the Water Tank.

After exploring the sector further, Samus re-enters this room via a long corridor in which she is authorized to use the Speed Booster, and ends up breaking through one of the ice walls. She can continue running to pass through the other, in order to obtain an item (see below).

Connecting rooms[]



The Missile Tank.

Missile Tank
Underneath one of the fallen ice pillars. Samus can grab it using her Morph Ball.
E-Recovery Tank
Requires Speed Booster. From the corridor where Samus is authorized to use the Speed Booster, she must build up speed and continue to run forward on the ice walkway until she breaks through the wall, behind which is this tank.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Pages 86-92
"After saving your progress, pass through the next hatch. It leads the Sector 2 Cryosphere, a snow-covered room crawling with Snomers and Himellas.
Crush the enemies with your Beam and follow the room to its end. Burst the Himella pod near the exit, then power up your Charge Beam. Three Volfons drop in from above! Freeze them in place with your Charge Beam, then finish them off with your Beam.
Missile Tank!:There is a Missile Tank underneath one of the fallen ice pillars at this location. Use Morph Ball mode to roll under the pillar and pick it up.
E-Recovery Tank!: Get a running start from the previous hall and crash through the ice walls using Speed Booster. After ascending the incline you’ll crash through two final walls. Behind the second ice wall is a small alcove with the E-Recovery Tank."