Solar-energy collector

The Solar-energy collector is a structure in the center of the Gateway on Bryyo. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

The collector, presumably of Reptilicus design, is built with two platforms usable by Samus, and is also part of a puzzle with a door lock system in the room. There are two sets of metal poles that connect the solar-energy collector to walls in the room; twisted into the shape of tunnels. The tunnels can be entered from the platforms on the collector via the Morph Ball. The tunnels end with a Bomb Slot, which Samus automatically enters. Using the Bomb Slots releases her from the tunnel, and using both lifts the locks on the door.

Afterwards, the collector's use is in it being a set of platforms.



Concept artwork of the solar-energy collector.

"Solar-energy collector provides a means to access the security locks. Enter the shaft to access the locks."

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