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Solar Core Harvesting Facility

The Solar Core Harvesting Facility was a laboratory created by the Greed Corps. Using Dominion technology, they burrowed into one of two suns sustaining an agricultural world and began to separate the sun's core into chunks, which they froze over. The facility was maintained by an electrical life-form, Chrysta, which possessed the stolen Ice Beam of Samus Aran. The facility caused the planet to freeze and destroyed the agricultural industry. As a result, the citizens fled except for Minoru and his sister, and their parents.

Samus, Joey Apronika and Diesel pick up a distress call from the planet and discover the freezeover. Resolving to restore the sun, they enter the facility and do battle with Chrysta, who freezes over Samus' Gunship and explains that its ice abilities are what is sustaining the facility. If it is destroyed, the facility will be as well. Samus destroys Chrysta and recovers her Ice Beam, and then uses her Ice Beam and Joey's Field Knuckle to escape the facility before it melts in the sun.

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