Space Development Corporation

The Space Development Corporation seems to be an organization developing space station colonies, and possibly planets. It is mentioned once in Metroid: Other M when the 07th Platoon reads the terminal information in the Exam Center's main observation deck, and the text onscreen reveals that the BOTTLE SHIP explored ingame was one of three designed as space station colonies (although some of it is cut off by Maurice Favreau), but after many years two of them suffered an unknown fate (perhaps destruction) while the one explored ingame was given to the Galactic Federation, and then turned into a bioweapon breeding center by the ringleaders of the operation.

Screen textEdit

The terraforming capsule colony designated as BOTTLE SHIP is currently under the administration of the Galactic Federation. The ship supports animal specimens from various [text cut off] the purpose of biological-weapon research. There were originally two other BOTTLE SHIP, designed for use by interplanetary colonists by the Space Development Corporation. After long years of use, the first two ships were retired, and the remaining ship was given to the Galactic Federation. After extensive refitting, the ship was made able to sustain three distinct closed habitats, each designed to preserve various specimens collected from different planets for research and development in military-technology applications.

—On-screen text[1]


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