The Space Jump (スペースジャンプ Supēsu Janpu?) is a highly advanced Chozo-designed movement system that allows Samus to Spin Jump repeatedly in midair. It is an upgrade for the Power Suit that debuted in Metroid II: Return of Samus, and has appeared in every 2D game since. It's chronologically first discovered by Samus Aran during the events of Metroid: Zero Mission.

Variations of it exist in the Space Jump Boots, Jump Boots, and Spin Boost.

In the main series[]

Copia de space jump

The speed of the Spin Jump generated by this upgrade is extremely quick, making Samus's crouched appearance during these jumps blurred. Samus can scale any height with this upgrade (with the exception of narrow red spikes), and in combination with the Screw Attack, this upgrade becomes a deadly weapon. In the first two games it appears in, the jump button must be tapped rhythmically in order to continually jump, making it hard to lose height while space jumping. In later games though, tapping the jump button any time after the peak of the last jump will result in a Space Jump.

In Metroid: Zero Mission, the Space Jump was given as an Unknown Item within Kraid's Lair and its functionality was not usable until Samus completed the Ruins Test, where notably, Samus immediately uses the newly acquired Space Jump to escape the room. The space Jump is one of the items required for completion as Kraid's room was located behind Space Jump Chozo Blocks. Each time Samus utilizes a mid-air Space Jump (each time the JUMP button is pressed during a spin jump), an afterimage can be seen.

In Metroid: Samus Returns, the upgrade is obtained in Area 4 after Samus escapes the Diggernaut which spits out the Item Sphere containing the Space Jump after assuming it has killed Samus with its drill arm, unaware she had used the Morph Ball to hide safely in a hole in the wall. It is implied that this Item Sphere was originally held by the destroyed Chozo Statue that Samus encounters shortly before she is confronted and chased by the Diggernaut's drill arm. Unlike in other 2D games, the Space Jump in Samus Returns curiously lacks the blurred motion and has her spin jumping normally.

In Metroid: Other M, Samus has the Space Jump and Screw Attack by default, but does not use them or many of her other power-ups until authorized to by Adam. She self-authorizes both items when they become necessary to cross a chasm after a bridge over it was retracted. While Samus is still capable of limitlessly jumping in mid-air, she cannot gain altitude after the second jump. Space Jump also slightly increases her jump height similar to the High Jump Boots. Curiously, it can be used underwater before Samus activates her Gravity Feature.

It returns in Metroid Dread, as confirmed by the Overview Trailer. It is acquired in Ferenia, acting as a successor to the Spin Boost. Unlike in previous games, the Space Jump functions underwater before obtaining the Gravity Suit, but is only able to maintain the peak height of the first spin jump; metal buoys in the background hint to where the Space Jump can be used underwater. Like Samus Returns, the Space Jump in Dread lacks the blurred motion and instead Samus flashes white as a jump effect appears underneath her. If Samus Space Jumps above the surface of water, the resulting visual effect appears as though she is "bouncing" off of it.[1]

In the Prime series[]

The Space Jump appeared as Space Jump Boots in Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption; the Space Jump Boots merely gave Samus a double jump instead of the infinite mid-air jump given by the original upgrade. The functionality of the original Space Jump is somewhat retained in the Screw Attack in Metroid Prime 2 and 3, which allows Samus to make a total of five mid-air jumps. Metroid Prime Hunters included the Jump Boots as a starting ability, allowing for a single mid-air jump if the player walks off of an edge.

Official data[]

Space Jump Upgrade

The Space Jump upgrade, as seen in Super Metroid.

Metroid II: Return of Samus manual[]

Space Jump
"With this item Samus can jump continuously through the air while spin jumping. Learn how to use this item effectively by hitting the jump button again before she touches the ground and Samus will be able to do a perpetual jump. It may require some practice, but keep trying!"

Metroid II: Return of Samus Virtual Console manual[]

Space Jump
"With this item equipped and a good sense of timing, it's possible to jump continuously through the air by pushing [A] while falling from a somersault jump."

Nintendo Power Volume 31[]

"Find the Space Jump and you'll be able to leap over incredible barriers by jumping from a position in mid-air."

Nintendo Power Volume 37[]

"After you collect the Space Jump, you'll have the power to go for an extra boost while you're in midair. This technique is very useful in chambers with few platforms. You'll meet with the best results if you try to zigzag while you ascend."

Super Game Boy Player's Guide[]

"These anti-gravity boots give Samus an extra boost in mid-jump. While wearing the boots, she'll be able to leap over a wide gap or to a high ledge in a single bound."

Super Metroid manual[]

"With the Space Jump Boots, Samus can jump continuously in the air and fly through open areas. To operate this item, press the jump button just after Samus peaks in a somersault jump."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"The power of flight will be hers when Samus bags the Space Jump Item. By pressing the Jump Button before landing from a Spin Jump, she will Jump again."
"Located in Maridia. Allows you to fly. With Spin Jumps, you can continue to jump without landing. Elevated areas are easily accessible when the Space Jump is in use."
"Just after the peak of a Spin Jump, press the Jump Button again to jump upward without landing."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

Beam Power Ups (page 13)
"Bestows almost bird-like powers of flight. Repeatedly press [A].
Location: Maridia."
The Space Jump (page 63)
"A handsome prize for defeating Draygon - the Space Jump gives you near super human powers."

Super Metroid GamePro Strategy Guide[]

Space Jump
"Enables Samus to jump and keep on spinning through space."

Nintendo Power Volume 59[]

"The Space Jump item allows Samus to fly by jumping, then jumping again and again in mid-air."

Metroid Fusion manual[]

"Perform consecutive Spin Jumps. With practice, it's possible to use the propulsion to "fly"."

Metroid Fusion in-game acquisition message[]

"Space Jump ability recovered.
Somersault continually in air."

Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"If you want to guide Samus to the top of a vertical area without the benefit of a ladder or elevator, you must perform the Space Jump. With the Space Jump ability, Samus can jump several times successively while spinning in the air.
Use the Control Pad to steer Samus, and press A repeatedly to execute successive Space Jumps.
Location - Main Deck"

Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide[]

Space Jump
Location - Main Deck
Acquired By - Defeating Yakuza
Controls - Perform consecutive Spin Jumps: Tap [A] while pressing +Control Pad in any direction
"Unlike most weapons and ability upgrades, Space Jump requires some practice before you can use it effectively. The exact timing is sometimes elusive, even after you've used it extensively, so you must experiment with the amount of pressure you use on the +Control Pad. In a large room, it is best to go back and forth as you climb. However, you can also use a wall to your advantage. Continue aiming the Space Jump at the wall, and Samus will slide upward. The toughest maneuver is to get through a small opening. You must tap very quickly to keep Samus moving up while maintaining proper direction."

Metroid: Zero Mission Samus Screen data[]

"Somersault continually in the air. Use A mid-somersault to jump again."

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Space Jump (Unknown Item #2)
"After you collect the second unknown item, you'll have the power to break through another batch of Chozo Blocks. Once the item is revealed as the Space Jump, you'll be able to fly by jumping repeatedly in midair."

Official Metroid: Other M Website[]

"Gravity is no match for the Space Jump, an ability that allows Samus to leap continuously in the air without touching the ground."

Metroid: Other M manual[]

Space Jump
"Press the 2 Button during a spin jump to perform another spin jump. Note: If you repeatedly press the 2 Button, you will continue to space-jump."

Metroid: Other M Samus Screen data[]

"Effect: Lets Samus do consecutive spin jumps.
Controls: While spin-jumping, press [2] repeatedly."

Metroid: Other M on-screen tutorial[]

Perform consecutive jumps by pressing [2] while jumping."

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Space Jump
"The Space Jump upgrade allows you to execute several successive jumps. If you time your jumps well, you can float in the air indefinitely. This is especially useful in reach distant areas that you cannot reach with your Grapple Beam."

Metroid: Samus Returns Overview Trailer[]


Enables continuous upward momentum.

Metroid: Samus Returns Samus Screen data[]

"The Space Jump allows you to jump repeatedly in midair. Spin Jump and then press [B] at the right time to jump again."

Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide[]

"Did you think Samus reached peak jumping ability with the High Jump Boots? If so, you're in for a pleasant shock. With the Space Jump, there's nothing Samus can't jump to--provided she's not underwater and there aren't any pesky Blocks obstructing her path. Get Samus into one of her spinning jumps and keep pressing the Jump button until she reaches heights only previously dreamed of. Timing is everything with this upgrade; you have to find the proper rhythm to keep Samus climbing, but once you get the hang of it, the name "Space Jump" quickly becomes less a catchy name and more a promise of things to come."
"The Space Jump gives you the ability to jump forever, so long as you push the Jump button rhythmically. Keep in mind that you can't merely mash the button, and you must be performing a spinning jump in order to continuously Space Jump. Once you have the hang of it, there are almost no heights that can't be achieved.
Space Jumping properly is about waiting until just after you hit the peak of your jump. Let yourself fall slightly, then hit the Jump button again. If you hit the button at the top of any Space Jump, nothing comes of it and you fall back to the ground. You can recover by continuously pressing the Jump button while falling, but you'll never get anywhere if you don't time the jumps right."

Metroid Dread Samus Screen data[]

Dread SpaceJump Demo Allows Samus to jump repeatedly during a Spin Jump.

Press Switch Dread B button at the right time during a Spin Jump to jump again.

When used underwater, Samus cannot gain more height over the first jump without the Gravity Suit.


  • Unlike in later appearances, the Space Jump in Return of Samus does not produce a unique sound.
  • In Super Metroid, Samus can still Wall Jump after obtaining the Space Jump. This is otherwise disabled in Fusion and Zero Mission.
  • Despite radical differences between suits, Samus's Space Jump sprites in Metroid Fusion are reused in Zero Mission (albeit with a different palette).
  • Page 109 of Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide refers to the upgrade as the Space-Jump.
  • In the Metroid Prime series, a hacking code commonly known as Moon Jump can give Samus the ability to float and infinitely "jump", essentially acting as a Space Jump in 3D titles. Moon Jump allows for Samus to easily explore out of bounds in many areas containing an open sky.


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