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Space Pirate Armored Tactical Carriers are heavily armored Space Pirate assault craft seen in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They are used to transport troops and to mount attacks against heavy targets, but are not designed for long-term engagements. Their armaments include heavy Tribeam cannons. Their only weak point is a heat vent at the front of the carrier. They were built as an upgrade to the "Shrike" Class Assault Skiff, and are more powerful, yet slower.

ATCs were first encountered by Samus at Norion, and she managed to destroy one before being ambushed by four more. Rundas arrived to destroy them all with little effort using his ice powers. Samus later engaged more ATCs at Bryyo, which was where they were most frequently seen during Samus' mission. Several appeared later at SkyTown, Elysia to carry Troopers around the city. None, however, appeared on the Pirate Homeworld, as most of the areas Samus explored were enclosed rooms.

A modified ATC has been built, the Assault Skiff. This unit boasts more power and strength than the ATC, but can no longer fire rapidly or carry troops.

A similar material to the armor of the ATC seems to have been used as the exterior of the Space Pirate Boarding Pod.


Logbook entry[]


Space Pirate ATC

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Vehicle: Space Pirate ATC.
Well-armored transport.
Forward vent is vulnerable.

Logbook entry

The Space Pirate Armored Tactical Carrier (ATC) is surprisingly well built and armored. A forward-mounted heat vent is its only vulnerable spot. Tribeam cannons help the unit deal out damage while on missions as well. Designed for rapid transit to and from hot zones, the unit is not designed for long-term engagements. It has a relatively small fuel supply, a sacrifice made for heavier armament and armor.


  • If Samus balances the use of her Hypermode efficiently enough, it is possible to destroy the ATCs before they can unload their regiment of Pirate Troopers thus killing all aboard without the need of facing them in combat.
  • When the Ship Grapple is acquired and Samus returns to Skybridge Athene, an ATC will fly in and fire upon the Tinbots, and they return the favor. Shortly, both of them will attack Samus.
  • After Samus destroys a Seed Shield Generator on Bryyo, ATCs evacuating Space Pirates from the immediate area can be found. These do not attack, so destroying them is optional and does not affect any future events.