The Space Pirate Mother Ship was the enormous flagship of Ridley and the mobile headquarters for the Zebesian Space Pirates in the Metroid Manga and Metroid: Zero Mission. It had landed in Chozodia.


The Mother Ship was recognizable for its purple, enormous and bulky appearance, coupled with relatively short, sturdy wings. Along with areas built into the ruins of Chozodia, a docking bay was constructed containing Escape Ships. When ships entered or left the Mother Ship, a door in the front would open, resembling a mouth or beak. The pilot area had various red circles nearby, as well as three glass cockpit bubbles. Presumably, the red circles supplied transmissions from Zebes and any other Pirate Homeworlds to the mothership, due to them flashing red and Ridley immediately ordering the vessel to head to Zebes.

The Mother Ship housed the incomplete Ridley Robot, a safeguard created in Ridley's image in order to protect the ship in his absence. This Robot was connected to the Mother Ship and its destruction caused the triggering of a three, five or seven minute (depending on difficulty level) countdown to the destruction of the Mother Ship as well. After Samus' escape, the ship's interior started to glow red (which could be seen through the ship door) and the ship fell apart with an explosion, leaving it a scorched wreck.

Scan images aboard the Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime feature the ship as being shaped similarly to the Mother Ship, implying that they are of the same model. The Space Pirate starship from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes also resembled the Mother Ship in terms of design.

The ship replaced the Space Pirate Flagship depicted in the Metroid Manga.


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Metroid: Zero MissionEdit

The Mother Ship is not present in the original Metroid game, but rather in the extended ending in the remake, Zero Mission. Following the defeat of Kraid on Zebes, Ridley receives a distress signal from the planet in the ship's bridge and changes course, heading straight for the planet. By the time Kraid's killer entered Ridley's Lair, the Ship had landed, and Ridley made his way to his chamber.

Once there, he was surprised to see the challenger was Samus Aran, whose mother and father had been killed by him in her early years on their home of K-2L. Now a young woman, Samus had become a Bounty Hunter and was sent to destroy the Metroids and Mother Brain. Ridley attacked Samus, but she prevailed and left him severely wounded.

Following the defeat of the Mother Brain, Samus escaped Zebes but was shot back down to the planet. Without a choice, Samus undertook the "foolish" task of infiltrating the Mother Ship, armed with only her Paralyzer (her Power Suit had been destroyed in the crashing of her Gunship). Samus escaped the Mother Ship and encountered the Ruins Test, which she completed. Rewarded with a Fully Powered Suit, Samus returned to the Mother Ship and slaughtered any and all Space Pirates in her way with her newly-enhanced weapons. She finally confronted the Ridley Robot and destroyed it, then escaped the exploding Mother Ship in a hijacked Escape Ship.

Metroid: Samus ReturnsEdit

The Mother Ship was also present during the raid on the Space Research Vessel Marina, as it is visible in the background of the space battle cutscene. The ship participated in the raid by deploying a large squadron of Space Pirate vessels to attack and cripple the Research Vessel in the Pirates' attempt to acquire the newly discovered Metroid sample obtained from planet SR388.

Connection to Wrecked ShipEdit

The destruction of the Mother Ship would seem to imply that the remains of the ship would be re-explored by Samus during the events of Super Metroid, known as the Wrecked Ship. However, the Wrecked Ship is known to be of Chozo origin, and in Zero Mission when exploring an expanded Crateria Samus will enter a section of it which has a close resemblance to the Wrecked Ship. Additionally, Yoshio Sakamoto dismissed the possibility of both ships being one and the same - during Zero Mission Samus passes through an area that appears to be outside the Super Metroid Wrecked Ship in Crateria, whilst the Mother Ship has not yet landed.[1]

There is another theory that the remains of the Space Pirate Mother Ship and Chozodia became Maridia by the time of Super Metroid.

Metroid: Zebes Invasion OrderEdit

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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MZIO page 145

Space Pirate mothership in Zebes Invasion Order.

A similar massive pirate ship (巨大な海賊船?) appeared in the 1986 Choose your Own Adventure book adaptation for the FDS Metroid game, Metroid: Zebes Invasion Order.

It managed to intercept Samus's ship before it could fully escape Zebes shortly after Mother Brain was destroyed, with the Space Pirates proceeding to forcibly remove Samus's helmet, thus exposing for the first time her gender. She later proceeded to defeat several Space Pirates, eventually confronting the Pirate Boss and entering a duel with him upon learning his motives. Upon defeating him, she then escaped the mothership before it was destroyed by a massive missile.

This plotline would later be reused to some extent in Zero Mission, a later remake of the original Metroid game that served as the inspiration for Zebes Invasion Order. It is unconfirmed if this was a deliberate reference to the book or just an interesting coincidence.

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Metroid MangaEdit

In the Metroid Manga it is again seen as Ridley's flagship, fighting against the Federation Army Special Ops Battleship Vixin IV. Midway though the battle it tried to warp to Zebes but is stopped by Adam Malkovich in the Vixin IV, knowing that if it makes it to Zebes it would effectively put an end to Samus' Zero Mission. Eventually, Ridley is able to make it to Zebes with his ship, but Samus was nevertheless able to defeat him and eventually destroy the Pirate vessel.

In Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether, Samus destroys a Pirate vessel that was attacking a transport and passenger ship, and reports that the "Space Pirate Mothership [has been] eliminated."



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