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APS Ridley Side Special

Ridley using the Space Pirate Rush on Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Space Pirate Rush (グラビングスクラッチ Grabbing Scratch?) is the side special move of Ridley in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Ridley will grab his opponent (not to be confused with the Grab move) and drag them forcibly across the ground before throwing them. He can perform this move in the air to bring an opponent to the ground and drag them across it as normal, or directly past the blast zone (the edge of the screen beyond which a KO occurs). The attack can be cancelled by Ridley if he jumps out of the throwing animation, and the opponent can mash their buttons out of the drag to end it. This is easier for the opponent depending on their percentage compared to Ridley's. Otherwise, the move ends when Ridley and his opponent reach the ledge, or the blast line in a walk-off stage (such as Wii Fit Studio).

The move is named after the Space Pirates that Ridley is affiliated with. Ever since Super Metroid, Ridley has been depicting grabbing Samus Aran as an attack. In "The Destiny of Ridley and Samus", a cutscene during Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ridley was seen dragging Samus across a wall for the first time. Ridley's clone in Metroid: Other M also drags Samus across a wall, both during the battle and in the cutscene prior; this is also replicated in his cameo in Dead or Alive: Dimensions. Proteus Ridley in Metroid: Samus Returns pins Samus against the ground in between the second and third phases of his battle, although he does not drag her.

Official dataEdit

Super Smash Bros. UltimateEdit

65 Ridley
Space Pirate Rush
"Smashes an opponent into the ground then drags them along. Tilting up or pressing attack throws them forward."


Space Pirate Rush (Side Special)
"Rush forward and grab an opponent, then drag them across the ground while moving forward. Press the button while charging forward or reach the edge of the platform to toss the opponent."
Airborne Space Pirate Rush (Side Special)
"If performed in the air, Ridley lunges forward and grabs an airborne opponent before diving downward with them still in his clutches. Press the button again to release the opponent."
Escaping from Space Pirate Rush (Side Special)
"The opponent can move their control stick back and forth to escape from the move. The more damage the opponent has compared to Ridley, the harder it is to escape."


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