The academy in the introduction sequence.

The Space Science Academy is a research facility on Ceres Space Colony, and makes up the region explored by Samus. It is manned by Galactic Federation Lab Workers.

At the end of Metroid II: Return of Samus and the remake Metroid: Samus Returns, Samus Aran encountered a Metroid Egg, the last of the species after she exterminated them, and it hatched in front of her, producing a baby. She spared it after being unable to bring herself to kill it, and took it with her, bringing it to the Space Science Academy to study. During their research, the Lab Workers discovered that its energy-draining abilities could be used in reverse to produce energy - a property they believed could be used to benefit galactic civilization.

Samus left the academy to seek a new bounty, but returned when she collected a Distress Signal from the station. Upon return, the entire colony was in disrepair, and all the Lab Workers had been killed. Continuing on into the station, Samus found the baby, and just before she could secure it, Ridley appeared before her. Samus fought him until he lowered her energy to a critical level or Samus fired one final blast at Ridley, causing him to drop the baby's capsule, but Samus failed to rescue it either way. Ridley somehow triggered a self-destruction protocol and Samus escaped in under a minute, pursuing Ridley to Zebes with nothing she could do to stop the station's destruction. Samus landed on Zebes and immediately began an expedition for the baby, turning Zebes over in search of it.

The Space Science Academy had what appears to be incubation chambers, an Elevator, automatic doors, computer banks, a self-destruct sequence, and isolation/study tubes. The baby was studied in a central Lab, which is depicted on the Super Metroid Title Screen.

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