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This article is about the room from Metroid: Other M. For the stage from Nintendo Land, see Space Port.

The Spaceport (スペースポート?)[1] is a room in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The Spaceport is the emergency landing and escape hatch for the crew of the BOTTLE SHIP, for when their main pod was closed off or in use.

Samus Aran receives a Baby's Cry distress signal and lands her Star Ship here. Upon exiting her ship, Samus starts to explore until she spots the Galactic Federation Military Transport Hygieia to her left, occupying what would have been her landing station. She is surprised to find out that the Galactic Federation was here and hears an explosion farther off.

Galactic Federation...

[explosion] Huh?


She continues on into the station to find the source of the explosions: the 07th Platoon attempting to open a door.

After landing, Samus is unable to return to her Star Ship conventionally, but by following a Morph Ball passage to a high ledge overlooking the Spaceport, she can enter the Cargo Hold and from there re-enter the Spaceport and reach her ship. She later returns to her ship with Anthony Higgs and Madeline Bergman after her assistance in the defeat of MB and leaves the BOTTLE SHIP, only to return a few days later. She again lands in her initial landing pod, despite the fact that the Galactic Federation took the Hygieia ship back to headquarters, thus leaving the main pod open to land on. The last time that the Spaceport is seen was when Samus returns to her Star Ship, following the securing of Adam's helmet.

Connecting rooms[]


Missile Tank
Hidden on a ledge inaccessible through this room. Samus must progress on through the Main Sector until she reaches a room that connects to a restroom, and features a ruined conference desk. After destroying an obstruction in the wall, Samus can roll through a tunnel in Morph Ball form to reach the ledge with the Missile Tank. A terminal here allows Samus to unlock a door off the ledge, as she cannot jump down to the area with her Star Ship. This can only be obtained after Samus's return to the BOTTLE SHIP.


  • Despite what it may seem, Samus can recharge and save at her Star Ship. She can do so if she returns to her Star Ship through the Cargo Hold or after returning to the BOTTLE SHIP.