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The Special Charge Beam Attacks[1] in Super Metroid are secret Charge Combos. The game has four beams other than the Power Beam and Charge Beam, and each has its own Charge Combo. They are not separate items and can be used provided that Samus has acquired the Charge Beam, the beam in question, and the Power Bombs. To use a Charge Combo, only the Charge Beam and one other beam must be active in the Samus Screen. Samus must select Power Bombs as the secondary weapon and then charge up the beam; the Charge Combo will fire 120 frames later (2 seconds on NTSC / 2.4 seconds on PAL). It costs one Power Bomb per shot. These combos are not necessary to solve any gameplay elements and are included only to provide more frequent use of the underused Power Bombs.

The following effects are created from using a Special Charge Beam Attack:

  • Ice Beam - Four ice bolts will circle around Samus for a brief time. If she runs into an enemy, they will break one at a time against it, the first one freezing it in place. Each bolt deals the same amount of damage as a charged shot of the Ice Beam. Samus cannot fire again until after all four bolts have either been used or dissipated. 
  • Wave Beam - Four wave bolts will cross erratically around Samus. They can be aimed after firing the weapon.
  • Spazer Beam - Two large spazer bolts will circle around Samus before heading up into the air. A rain of sparks will descend, striking enemies all over the screen.
  • Plasma Beam - Four ring-shaped plasma bolts spiral around Samus. They spread out, contract back toward Samus, and then shoot off to the corners of the screen. This attack is displayed in the first set of gameplay clips in the game's attract mode.