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The Special Forces Ship Otowa (特務艦 「OTOWA」 Tèwù jiàn "OTOWA"?) is a spacecraft seen in chapter 6 of Samus and Joey. Despite being called a special forces ship, it is apparently being used to shuttle the unnamed President of Kankeh to an unknown location. Instead, the crew of the ship is pulled into an unnamed planet in the Beta System. A bounty is set out for information about the ship's wherabouts, which Diesel is sure that Samus Aran will claim. Diesel and Joey set off to search for the ship, for their own motives: Diesel believes he can acquire more scrap metal through the rescue mission, and Joey's mother, Dr. Diana Apronika, was found from an SSN news report to be onboard the ship.

The crew's number was initially 65, but upon crash landing on the planet and being attacked by monstrous beasts, it had dropped to eleven.

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