A Special Token is an item in Metroid Prime Pinball. It is worth 50,000 points upon obtaining, and is worth 5,000 points for the Bounty Bonus, or, in timed stages, it removes ten seconds off the counter. Specials are obtained for completing a mini-game or for completing an objective (e.g. Hurry Up, defeating a boss for the second time, etc.).

In Multi MissionEdit

Specials only become available after all the artifacts are collected. This may be ten, eleven, or twelve artifacts depending on the current status of the Omega Pirate and Thardus because both bosses must give an artifact after being defeated.

In Single MissionEdit

Point stagesEdit

The Special is obtained by completing any mini-game or objective. Occasionally, an Extra Ball will be given instead.

Timed stagesEdit

The special appears in the middle of the shooting platform and removes ten seconds from the player's time when obtained. The special appears instead of the combat mode in the Phazon Mines and in Phendrana Drifts.

Brawl StickerEdit

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