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The "specimen storage room" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room is set in an indoor facility that also houses the Sector Generator Room, to which this room is connected via a hallway. To the left and right of the room are six large, glass specimen tanks that span the height of the room. They are filled with Snomers and Himellas, which are in stasis. The liquid in the tanks appear to be giving off carbon dioxide, as bubbles constantly flow up in the tanks. Each tank has a set of cables at their apexes, and are surrounded by barriers at their base.

Samus on the lower floor of the room.

The entrance and the exit are separated by a gap in the floor. It is likely that there was once a bridge across the gap, as an extended platform is found on either side with pulsing green lights on each. If there was a bridge however, it was removed by unknown means as there is no debris indicating one was destroyed, and no Terminals to retract or extend a bridge are present. The bridge controls are likely located elsewhere. If one were to fall to the bottom of the room, there is a shaft in the foreground which can be ascended with the Kick Climb to get back to the upper ledge on the entrance side.

At the bottom of the room is a metallic floor that is partially covered in snow. There are three square grates in the middle of the floor, one of which contains an Energy Part (see below). The ledge on the other side of the room contains the exit and four displays of purple canisters of some kind.


Samus Shinesparks across the room.

In gameplay, the room can only be crossed using the Shinespark. Samus must run in from the previous corridor in order to build up speed, which necessitates clearing it of enemies and ice mound obstructions. Later, Samus can Space Jump across the room once she has self-authorized that upgrade.

Once she has reached the other side, Samus is attacked by a Kyratian and the door locks until she defeats it, and a second one that spawns after the death of the first. After both are destroyed, Samus can leave. On later visits to the room, a Fumbleye is present, hanging above the lower floor. It can be easily removed with the Plasma Beam or a Shinespark.

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Part
Samus must drop to the bottom of the room and destroy the first grate in the floor with a Bomb, then drop into the alcove underneath. The Part is in there.
Missile Tank
Requires Wave Beam or Power Bombs. Samus must kill all of the Geemers and Himellas in the stasis tanks using her Wave Beam to penetrate the glass. When this is done, an alcove on the wall across the room will open. Samus can then Space Jump into it to collect this tank. Alternatively, a Power Bomb will eliminate the creatures if Samus enters the third grate in the floor.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 94
"Get a running start in the corridor where the ice pillars were, then use Shinespark to leap across the long gap in the next room. A Kyratian waits for you on the other side. Use your Charge Beam to stun it and finish it off with a Lethal Strike. When you defeat one Kyratian, a second one appears! Take it out just as you did the first."
Energy Part!:"At the bottom of this room—the bottom of the gap—are three grates. Use a Normal Bomb to destroy the first grate and drop in. An Energy Part is inside a small niche beneath the grate. Kick Climb back out of the room using the narrow shaft in the near-left corner of this room."
Page 156
"Drop down to the lower level of this room and roll into the third small, square vent in the floor. Set off a Power Bomb to destroy all of the creatures in the surrounding tanks. When they’re eliminated, a hatch slides open near the far end of the lower level. Climb back up to the area where you entered this room and Space Jump down to the open hatch to claim a Missile Tank."