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The "Speed Booster Hall" is a room in Norfair. It appears in Super Metroid.


This room is one of the longest corridors in Norfair, and is on an incline. It is set within a large cave isolated from the nearby environments with green bubble-like material, although said material has grown over the room near its entrance and exit. The room is superheated and with an initially shallow pool of lava near the base of the path. The ceiling is lined with spikes close to the end as well. Along the ground are numerous pits with false floors above them. To safely cross over these pits, the Dash button must be used. Three of the pits have Gerutas in them, which are released once Samus runs over the Pit Blocks in the fake floors.

At the very end of the room is a door to the Speed Booster's chamber. As soon as the item is collected, the lava in that room and this one begins to rise. Samus must quickly use her new power-up to run back through this room at top speed, before the lava engulfs the corridor. On further visits, the lava remains at its raised level.

In speedrunning, the downward slopes are short enough that it is considered an ideal place to practice arm pumping. It can even be used once the Speed Booster is acquired to further increase Samus's speed.[1]

Connecting rooms[]



SM Norfair Missile Tank 3.gif
Missile Tank
In the ceiling near the door to the Speed Booster room. Samus can shoot into the ceiling and jump up to collect the tank.

Official data[]

Nintendo Power volume 60[]

Use Speed to Avoid Danger (pg. 17)
"Dash to the end of this corridor, holding the B Button, and you will avoid falling into the pits."

"Find Missiles outside the Speed Booster room."