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The "Speed Booster corridor" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


Visually, the corridor is unremarkable. It is long and straight with a very tall slope about halfway through the room. Along the corridor are multiple arches, and rectangular blue lights mounted on the ceiling and walls. Underneath the wall lights are smaller, red-colored lights that give a slight illumination to the surrounding walls. Multiple sections of the walls have four horizontal lines in them that appear to be grooves. Near the slope are three puddles of water on the floor. A large ice wall guards the slope, and is impenetrable to all weapons but the Speed Booster. If Examined, the Combat Visor will confirm as much. Notably, the a faint outline of the Speed Booster symbol (represented by the thrusters on the back of the Power Suit) is present in the ice, acting as a further hint about what is needed to clear the obstruction.

Samus in front of the first ice wall. Note the faint outline of the Speed Booster's symbol.

During her exploration of the sector, Samus enters this room and encounters the ice wall, which she is not able to break with her weapons. As she returns to the door, it locks, and Adam contacts her, authorizing the Speed Booster.

The most efficient way through here should be delivering shoulder impacts with your Speed Booster, so I'm authorizing its use.


Samus can then run to the start of the room and build up a speed run, blasting through the ice wall and an additional five as she continues up the slope. A Speed Booster tutorial appears on-screen shortly after the upgrade is authorized.

Run for a while in one direction.
You can cause damage by running
into things and climb steep ascents.

While running, Samus must continue through the door to break another ice wall in the "snow hub", and if she wishes, a final wall across the bridge in that room. Running with the Speed Booster is the only way that Samus can ascend the corridor's slope; otherwise, she will automatically slide down it.

Connecting rooms[]


The Missile Tank.

Speed Booster
Authorized here shortly after entering.
Missile Tank
Samus must build up speed, either from the bottom of the slope or the bridge in the next room, and Shinespark upward from the top of the slope, to reach a platform above the room. She can find this tank in a small crate. Alternatively, Samus can Space Jump from the top of the slope to the platform.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 92
"Exit the Water Tank via the hatch in the far right corner and follow the long corridor to a large ice-wall. Since you don’t have the tools to break through it, Adam authorizes the use of your Speed Booster and Shinespark abilities. Back up to get a running start, then run full-speed through the wall, up the incline, and past several more ice walls until you come to a dead end."
Missile Tank!:"After busting through the ice walls on the incline, you can grab the Missile Tank high above the ramp. Walk past the incline, across the snow-covered bridge, and into the alcove across the way. Get a running start and run toward the top of the incline, and as you are about to reach the descent, use Shinespark to leap straight ahead and onto a small platform high above the incline. Grab the Missile Tank, then drop back down."