Samus launches herself across narrow red spikes using the Spider Boost.

The Spider Boost,[1][2] also known as the Power Bomb Cannon in Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide[3] (unofficially called "Spidersparking" by fans), is a technique in Metroid: Samus Returns, used as an offensive tactic and to obtain certain expansions.


To perform the Spider Boost technique, Samus Aran must enter Morph Ball mode, and then attach to a surface using her Spider Ball. She must then lay a Power Bomb, which will rapidly propel her forward in the direction she was facing. This is a secret technique that is used to obtain some expansions that are concealed behind horizontal and vertical shafts lined with spikes.[4] It is also powerful enough to stagger the Queen Metroid and interrupt her fire breath attacks; however, if used at any other point in the battle, Samus will simply bounce off.

It is similar to the Shinespark, Ball Spark, and Boost Jump, which are performed using the Speed Booster and Boost Ball, staple items of the series that do not appear in Samus Returns. Thus, it can be viewed as a replacement for them. This trick can also be compared to a common sequence breaking technique known as Bomb Jumping.

Expansions requiring the Spider Boost[]

Official data[]


"The Spider Boost can be used while in Spider Ball form. It will launch you forward, damaging enemies you make contact with."[2]

SR388 Data File video description[]

"Samus Aran's mission on planet SR388 will push her to new levels of power. After acquiring the Spider Ball and Power Bomb, she can even perform the secret Spider Boost! Simply set off a Power Bomb while gripping a surface with her Spider Ball to rocket across any distance imaginable."

Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide[]

Page 174
"The one last Power Bomb trick of note is what we're calling the "Power Bomb Cannon." Spider Ball on any surface, then lay down a Power Bomb (hold the L button, then press the Y button). The Bomb sends you soaring upward, downward, to the left or right. There are plenty of item tanks that require this trick, so remember it well."


  • Internally, the Spider Boost is referred to as Arachnoimpulse, a portmanteau of "arachno" (a prefix related to spiders) and "impulse", in an unused GUI text string that provides a description for the technique.[2] With this text not being viewable in-game, the Spider Boost not being mentioned in the game's manual or the Samus Screen along with the game's lack of Attract mode has led to some players becoming unsure of how to obtain these expansions, and the game has received minor criticism due to this.[5]


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