! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

The Spider Guardian was a Darkling Pillbug possessed by the Ing that stole Samus's Spider Ball, which Samus Aran retrieved by defeating it in the Dynamo Works of the Sanctuary Fortress.


The first phase of battle with the Spider Guardian.

The Spider Guardian does not actively attack Samus, and instead moves along an extensive, labyrinthine Spider Ball Track while shielding itself with a damaging magnetic field. Morph Ball Bombs merely stun it briefly, and it can only be damaged by forcing it to collide with Electric Coils.

There are six Electric Coils spread out over four stages, with the final stage containing three. Samus must stun the Spider Guardian until its shield turns green, after which the Guardian will move slower. She must then quickly reach and activate the Bomb Slots in each stage so that the Guardian's course is altered enough to drive it straight into a Coil.

Stunning the Spider Guardian while its shield is green will reset the duration before it returns to blue and the process must be repeated. It is also possible to use the Boost Ball to boost past the Guardian while it is stunned.

Logbook entry[]

Spider Guardian

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Spider Guardian
Spider Ball powered darkling. Target uses Spider Ball power to cling to walls. It seems to have a connection to the energy system in the area. Overexposure to energy may disrupt it.

Logbook entry

This darkling Pillbug has absorbed the power of the Spider Ball. It can travel over magnetically charged surfaces at will. The creature seems to have a connection to the local energy system. Aggravating it may cause disruptions to the system.


The Spider Guardian battle is infamous for its high difficulty, and it is generally considered to be one of the most difficult bosses in the game. Multiple reasons for this exist: the large distance from a Save Station, the great amount of damage the creature's energy aura deals to Samus upon contact (45 units on Hard/Hypermode), a limited amount of energy recharging, the sometimes unpredictable patterns the boss moves in the last phase (with a tendency to get in the way), and the need to do precise Bomb Jumps within a very tight time limit in the last part of the fight.

According to Mike Wikan, the difficulty level of the Spider and Boost Guardian battles was a last minute change, three days before Echoes went gold. Kensuke Tanabe, the game's producer, felt that the battles were not challenging enough and asked that they be made harder, but as a result they became extremely difficult.[1] The difficulty was toned down in the Wii versions of Echoes, due to the addition of the Spring Ball and an easier Normal Mode. Wikan informed Tanabe that the development team of Trilogy was reducing the difficulty, and Tanabe conceded it was the right decision.


  • The Spider Guardian is the smallest boss in the Metroid series.
  • The Spider Guardian and Bomb Guardian are the only Sub-Guardians to not be fought on Dark Aether.
  • The Spider Guardian is one of only two bosses in the Metroid series that is "fought" in Morph Ball mode alone, the other being the Caretaker Class Drone. Both are from Echoes.
  • The Spider Guardian can only be scanned prior to the battle, since Samus cannot come out of the Morph Ball mode once the battle begins. She can scan it while it runs along a Spider Ball Track through a window or by the hole in the room prior to the fight.
  • If Samus attempts to exit the fight with the Spider Guardian by going through the hole where she entered the battle, and opens the door, the game will crash.[2]
  • The Phazon Pillbug, a corrupted Pillbug from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, resembles the Spider Guardian.
  • In the demo, the Spider Guardian was called Spiderling.
  • If Samus uses a Power Bomb on the Spider Guardian via Sequence Breaking, it will be instantly vaporized. However, it does not release the Spider Ball or destroy the electrical conduits, thereby trapping Samus in the room unless the battle is restarted.[3]
  • If the first bomb slot in the last stage of the Spider Guardian battle is activated at a precise point in the boss' movements, it will cause the Spider Guardian to collide with what is usually the "second" coil to be destroyed. Despite this, the camera will still zoom in on the first electrical coil during the cutscene while the guardian is taking damage. When the Spider Guardian later hits the "first" coil, the camera will zoom in on the empty space where the second coil was.


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