The Spin Jump Attack[1] (or Charge Attack[2]) is easily described as a "pseudo Screw Attack".

Samus has the ability to perform a damaging spin attack when the Charge Beam is fully charged. It is used in conjunction with the Charge Beam and a spin jump. By somersaulting into the enemy, it will take damage roughly equal to the charged current beam. This attack can offer safety while getting rid of enemies at the same time. However, it cannot destroy every enemy, and if they are tough enough to survive the attack, Samus will take damage as well. This attack can only hurt a single enemy at once; if Samus comes in contact with another enemy before the beam is charged, she will take damage. The Spin Jump Attack is sometimes called an "early-game Screw Attack" because the former serves same purpose as the latter, therefore, this ability becomes obsolete when Samus acquires the Screw Attack.

In Super Metroid, the Spin Jump will be cancelled if a Wall Jump is executed with a Spin Jump Attack, but this does not happen in later 2D games. The Spin Jump Attack is impossible to perform in the Prime series, which is likely due to the first-person perspective. In Metroid: Other M, Samus does not possess this ability at all.



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