Splinters are common, insectoid creatures that Samus encounters on Aether in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Found only in the Temple Grounds, they live in Splinter Cocoons most of the time, and come out of them to hunt and forage. If a being approaches their cocoons, the Splinters within will awaken and go into a state of blood frenzy, rousing other Splinters nearby. This can prove them to be hazardous if the being is traveling alone and unarmed. Their Dark Aether counterparts, essentially Splinters possessed by Ing, were the Dark Splinters; they are believed to have gone extinct after Dark Aether was destroyed.

A large colony of Splinters were nesting in the Great Temple of the Luminoth. They were possessed by the Ing in an attempt to take the last amount of planetary energy from the Energy Controller found in the vicinity, which Samus put a stop to. Whether or not the Splinters were peacefully living with the resident Luminoth is unknown.

Other varieties are the Alpha Splinter and Worker Splinter.

Physically, they are similar to the Zebesian Beetoms and the Hoppers of Bryyo, though their behavior is more similar to that of the Beetles of Tallon IV.


Logbook entry[]


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Morphology: Splinter
Predatory insectoid hunter. Splinters are aggressive and dangerous in numbers. Their light armor is no match for your weapons, however.

Logbook entry

When it isn't hunting, a Splinter will secrete a protective cocoon around itself and enter a state of hibernation. Localized seismic disturbances will awaken the Splinter, triggering a state of blood frenzy in the process. While in this state, a Splinter emits pheromones that trigger frenzy in all nearby Splinters. Disturbing a pack of sleeping Splinters is not advisable.


Samus engages a pack of Splinters in the Temple Grounds.

  • The Splinters inside the Great Temple did not violently burst out of their cocoons, which is the case with all other Splinters found in the game. Instead, through the use of their webbing extruded from their rears, they gently lower themselves from the ceiling onto the ground. Only the Alpha Splinter exits its cocoon in the common manner.
  • In the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc, Splinters inhabit the Agon Wastes.
  • Although Splinters are only known to exist on Aether, SPC F. Triplette's logbook entry as well as an unused logbook entry for SGT E. Monz implies that a similar species existed on Devon III.