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Hive Chamber A, the first room of the Splinter Hive.

The Splinter Hive is a section of the Temple Grounds in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes located deep underground. According to SPC B. Reevs the area explored in Echoes was only a small part of a much larger hive network.

The hive serves as a tutorial area, being the first location Samus visits on Aether.

One of the themes that play in the Splinter Hive was remixed as Shadows in Metroid Prime Hunters.

Federation Marine ConnectionsEdit

GFMC Task Force Herakles - Force Two was sent to investigate the surrounding area of the crash site of the G.F.S. Tyr, this place being their first choice. They were attacked and killed by the native Splinters, despite their best efforts to restrain the creatures. None survived (in Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether, however, four people are seen). Details of their occupance in the area and struggle against the Splinters are told through several computer terminals, Trooper Logs, and analysis of biological and mechanical remains.

Samus explores the remnants of their base early on during her time on Aether. It is here where she first sees the reborn Metroid Prime, Dark Samus. The Ing, another chief foe that dominates this world, are also first encountered within these catacombs. After seeing the troopers becoming possessed, Samus flees the base with them in pursuit, eventually finding the Tyr's crash site and discovering everyone's fate.

Three dead Grenchlers were also found in the Hive, presumably after the Troopers.

After returning thelight of Agon, Samus can revisit the Splinter Hive and obtain two Missile Expansions. The second time she jumps down the Hive Access Tunnel, the Dark Missile Trooper awakens and fights with her, dropping the first missile expansion on defeat. The second missile expansion requires the use of Morph Ball Bombs, and is found in Hive Chamber B.


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