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A stasis chamber is a form of Xenotech created by the Luminoth. It is a star-shaped mechanism placed onto ground and is designed to contain small objects in stasis, likely to preserve the item for future use. The glass that contains the item can be destroyed using explosives. Two of these chambers are encountered on Aether in the Communication Area of the Temple Grounds and the Main Reactor of the Space Pirate mining facility in the Agon Wastes. They both house Missile Expansions, which cannot be obtained on the first visits to both rooms. The Communication Area Expansion requires Bombs and the Space Jump Boots. The Expansion found in Agon's Reactor, on the other hand, requires the Spider Ball and Boost Ball, as Samus is required to Boost Jump across several Spider Ball Tracks found on pistons processing Phazon.

Communication Area Missile Pod.jpg

Interestingly, the stasis chamber found in the Communication Area will emit a cloud of white steam when shattered. The Main Reactor stasis chamber does not do this, possibly suggesting that the former Expansion has been contained there for a long time.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Object scan complete.
Unit is a sophisticated stasis chamber.
Xenotech designed to encase small objects in a stasis field. Field is durable, but can be destroyed by explosives."

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