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The "statuary shaft" is a room in the Chozo Ruins of Crateria. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


The shaft is a tall chamber on the surface of Crateria, set within the Chozo Ruins. A massive cliff with protruding rocks along its wall can be seen in the background. The sky is a light grey, in contrast to the other areas of the ruins and the Landing Site, which have a darker sky. Along the walls are etched Chozo symbols, which several sections of the wall being cracked or missing pieces altogether.

Initially, the shaft appears to be a straight corridor with a bridge over the drop. Beside each door is a large, unique Chozo Statue depicting a Chozo with a skin pouch and Varia Suit-like shoulder pads crouching on what may be a throne. While an intact version of this is found in the nearby "Chozo reliquary", the two statues here are seen badly damaged. The leftmost one is missing its upper body, leaving only its legs, while the rightmost statue is missing the head, right arm and half of the back of its throne. It is unknown whether age or deliberate damage (likely by the Zebesians) caused their destruction.

Samus climbing the Chozo structure using her Power Grip.

When Samus enters this room, the doors lock and the floor in the middle of the room gives way when she runs across it, forcing her to the bottom of the shaft. Another Chozo structure is found here, protruding from the floor. It is not possible for Samus to Wall Jump up one of the walls, as parts of the bridge remain on either side and block her from above if she tries. She must shoot the left wall to reveal a hidden tunnel, which she can move through in Morph Ball form to find a small reliquary where the Power Grip is obtained. When she returns to the shaft, the structure rises from the floor and produces six platforms, which Samus must climb using her Power Grip to reach the top of the shaft and exit.

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Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

power grip (page 37)
"The bridge over the ruins will break as soon as you set foot on it. After you drop to the bottom of the pit, use your beam to break through the left wall."
042 GET A GRIP (page 38)
"On your exit from the area that held the Power Grip, you'll witness the growth of a tall Chozo structure that sprouts platforms. Use the Power Grip to grab each platform and climb to the left side of the broken bridge.