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The "Statues Hallway" is a room in Crateria. It appears in Super Metroid. It did not exist in the later-released Metroid: Zero Mission.


"Statues Hallway" is a long corridor found through the lower right of the "gauntlet shaft". While it can be visited early in the game, there is no point to doing so. It is made of the same architecture that makes up some of the rooms leading to Kraid in Brinstar, but with a grey color to it. The background is also taken from "Red" Brinstar, again with a more dull color to it. A persistent fog is present in the room, as it was in the Tourian escape shaft and Zebesian Command Center on the first visit. Lining the corridor are ten pulsing red warning lights on the ceiling and floor.

As a sign of the coming danger, the music in this room changes to a version of the "Item Room" theme that strips out all the beeping sounds, leaving only the ambience. There is, however, a quiet vibrating sound that can be heard, potentially coming from the warning lights.

In Super Metroid speedrunning, this room is sometimes referred to as the "Mockball Practice Room". This is because it offers an ample amount of space for inexperienced speedrunners to practice using the Mockball for Sequence Breaks, such as Early Super Missiles.[1]

In Super Metroid: Samus Aran's ultimate arsenal!, a save state of Super Metroid available through Nintendo Switch Online, Samus begins at the entrance to the Mysterious Statue Chamber in this room, with all items and expansions. This allows Mother Brain to be defeated with enough time to achieve the best ending of Samus in her Casual Outfit.

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