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A steel orb (as named in the Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide) is an egg-like obstacle encountered throughout Metroid: Samus Returns. Despite their name, they have a rather gelatinous texture. They resemble small Metroid Eggs and can only be destroyed with a Power Bomb or the Beam Burst Aeion ability, first appearing shortly after that ability is obtained in Area 3. They are later seen shortly after the Beam Burst is obtained in the same area. Another orb appears in Area 2, in one of the superheated rooms, blocking a Missile Tank next to a Teleport Station. Two orbs appear in the aquatic portion of Area 5, blocking another Missile Tank.

Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide[]

A steel orb in Area 2.

Area 3 : part II
Walkthrough > Area 3
After defeating the Metroid, destroy the steel orb in the center of the room with your Beam Burst, then roll through the opening and exit through the room’s east door.

Area 3 : part I
Walkthrough > Area 3
You may have quite the task getting back out. Instead, head to the right and look up. Those steel orb-shaped objects can only be destroyed by your Beam Burst. Fire away to clear out the first and second ones, then jump up into the Morph Ball passage and follow it out to its other side.

> Area 2: Missile Tank M-32
Find the nearest Teleport Station and teleport to the station on the far-west side of Area 2. As soon as you exit the station, turn on your Beam Burst and Free Aim up and to the left. That steel orb is blocking your way to the Missile Tank. Jump and grab on to the ledge the orb was on, then place a Bomb to uncover the tank.

Missile Tank M-44
Drop down the opening ahead and activate your Beam Burst. This area is packed with silver orbs, and the only way to progress downward is by destroying them. Without delay, destroy the orbs and make your way down the room.