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"Stone Statues", identified as 10 in the Sound Test, is a theme from Metroid: Zero Mission.

Description[edit | edit source]

This theme plays in the entrance to Tourian; in the original game, Silence played in this room instead. An abridged version is also heard during the cutscenes that play when Kraid and Ridley are defeated, causing the eyes of their respective busts to start glowing.

Stylistically, this theme is very similar to Mysterious Statue Chamber from Super Metroid, consisting of heavy drumbeats and a menacingly foreboding low male choir that sings two four-note melodic phrases, with the former descending to a lower key and the latter rising to a higher key. However, the melody is slightly different between the two songs, meaning that this theme is less likely a direct remix and more likely a musical reference to Mysterious Statue Chamber.

The full theme can be heard here: [1] and the abridged theme can be heard here: [2]

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