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The "storage room" is a room in the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M in a pre-rendered cutscene, and is not playable.


This room appears to have the purpose of storing materials for experiments conducted within the Research Center. On a shelving unit there are canisters with a green glow, indicating it is being powered by a battery or unknown source of fuel. Visible in the background are crates, power boxes on the walls connected by wires, metal sheets, large pipes mounted on the ceiling, scaffolding and a large shelf on the back wall with multiple black boxes on top. There is a drain in the floor, which Samus and "Madeline" are seen standing on. Its purpose is unknown.

Directly behind "Madeline" are open crates that may represent containers used for capturing live specimens. The storage room is located on the ground floor of the main laboratory through a door which can be locked from the inside.


Canisters containing an unknown substance.

When Samus enters the main laboratory, the survivor she met in the Materials Storehouse earlier emerges from the storage room. As Samus spots her, the woman gasps and quickly runs back into the room, fearing she is an assassin. After Samus convinces her she is not working for the Galactic Federation, the woman opens the door, introduces herself as Madeline Bergman and invites her in.

"Madeline" sits on a crate as she explains the special-forces unit that was in development on the BOTTLE SHIP, and claims that she sent the Baby's Cry signal. Samus assesses her arguments and silently praises her sense of responsibility, but finds inconsistencies in her story. Madeline then mentions there was "an even more dangerous plan", and beckons Samus to follow her back into the main laboratory.

The door to this room is permanently locked in gameplay afterward, with a noticeable grey light indicating the door is receiving no power. It is not possible to access this room again.

Transcript of conversation[]

Note: "(M)" means this line is spoken as a monologue.

"Madeline": Behind closed doors, the Galactic Federation was trying to create a special-forces unit composed of bioweapons. In order to make it happen, they were attempting to create an organization modeled after the Space Pirates, with the Zebesians at the center. But, because of a certain... presence, the life-forms became ferocious. We were no longer able to control them.

Samus (M): By a certain presence, she must have meant Ridley.

Samus: So you sent out the distress signal even though it endangered your life?

"Madeline": I had to. I felt there was a real danger here. That if left as is, the Zebesians would continue to evolve and resurrect as real Space Pirates.

Samus (M): If that danger was real, then the risk of withholding information to protect herself was too great, clearly. And yet... Wasn't she the one who set the facility's system to self-destruct? In silence I praised her courage and sense of responsibility. At the same time, her argument had some holes.

Samus (M): Say that the Zebesians, under Ridley's influence, became super-aggressive... Would that really lead to the resurrection of the Space Pirates? Without a malicious force to lead them down that path, wouldn't they continue to merely follow their instincts, ultimately becoming no more than a swarm of feral creatures? Regardless, it was clear that the Galactic Federation was ready to consign their enormous mistake to oblivion. And that's why they sent a Deleter. And as for Madeline and others who knew the secret?

Samus (M): But wait—there was another inconsistency in her story... Why go to such lengths at all? With just a small flexing of the Galactic Federation's military force, they should have been able to destroy a facility of this scope with ease. So why didn't they...?

"Madeline": Actually... There was an even more dangerous plan... Come with me.

Connecting rooms[]

Samus speaking with MB.


  • MB (cutscene only)

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 121
"While you poke around the computer system, the mysterious girl saunters out of a room behind you.
Before you can confront her, however, she runs away and seals herself behind sliding doors. When you reassure her that you’re not a part of the Galactic Federation, she opens the hatch and lets you in. She claims to be Madeline Bergman!"