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The "Storehouse elevator" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room connects from the top of the Materials Storehouse to a Navigation Booth below, which is useful for Samus following her battle with a soldier piloting an RB176 Ferrocrusher.

At the top, the room is a short hallway with patches of ice frozen over the architecture. This room appears to have been affected by the failure of the climate-control system more than either of the previous rooms in the facility. The wall on the left is lined with horizontal white lights above what appear to be grates or closed shutters. On the left is a long, curved window, through which the elevator shaft below can be seen. The ceiling consists of a black grate in the shape of a trapezoid. The elevator entrance is guarded by a door with a green-lit lock, and beside it are two elongated buttresses with cyan-colored lights.

The elevator platform has a yellow and black border lining it, much like grabbing ledges found throughout the BOTTLE SHIP, and is situated in a long cage.


Having received orders to resume her search for the Mystery Creature in Sector 3, Samus enters this room and uses the elevator. With a moment to reflect, Samus begins a monologue about the disaster that had happened on the BOTTLE SHIP, which she compares to a "nightmare replica of Zebes". Because she saw that the pilot of the Ferrocrusher was wearing a Galactic Federation Power Suit, she determines that the ringleaders of the BOTTLE SHIP, within the Galactic Federation had installed a mole within the 07th Platoon, in order to kill any witnesses and destroy evidence of the illegal bioweapons development projects.

Samus wonders if it could be K.G. Misawa, James Pierce, Anthony Higgs or even Adam Malkovich, and decides to call the traitor the "Deleter" until she uncovers their identity. She speculates about whether the survivor she met had sent the distress signal that led Samus to the BOTTLE SHIP, and if she is Dr. Madeline Bergman. Samus resolves to protect her, and notes that as a witness to what had occurred aboard the BOTTLE SHIP, she is also in danger. After this monologue, a cutscene shows the Deleter disposing of a body in the lava cavern.

On subsequent visits, Samus can continue to use this room as a passage to the later areas of the Cryosphere. Much like other elevators in the game, she can move around on it in an over-the-shoulder perspective until it reaches its destination.

Samus monologue[]

With those creatures, crafted into killers, running free, the BOTTLE SHIP had been turned into a nightmare replica of Zebes... and then here came Adam and the others.

At this rate, the plan the Federation wanted to keep so secret would be revealed. So they sent in an assassin. Someone to wipe out any survivors as well as anyone who learned about the secret project. K.G., James, Anthony, and... Adam. Could one of them really be a traitor? Until I found out who it was, I decided to call the traitor the Deleter.

On top of everything, I started to think about that woman.

Was she the one who sent the distress signal? And could she be the person in charge here: Madeline Bergman? Either way, I knew I had to protect her. She would be targeted again. And she wasn't the only one in danger. I, too, would be considered a threat here.

—Samus Aran

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