The Storm Missile (ストームミサイル Sutōmu Misairu) is a new power-up introduced in Metroid Dread. They were first revealed in Volume 6 of the Metroid Dread Report. Samus acquires them after defeating Escue's Core-X.

Similar to the Seeker Missiles of the Metroid Prime series and Metroid: Other M, the Storm Missile fires multiple Missiles at targets simultaneously. By readying her missiles and aiming her Arm Cannon at enemies, optionally supported by Free Aim, Samus can set up to five targets against one or multiple enemies, and then fire up to three rapidly flying Missiles at each, for a total of fifteen. This makes them much more powerful than the Seeker Missiles, which are only capable of firing a single Missile at five targets. However, they consume three missiles per target lock, which can cause issues if Samus does not keep an eye on her ammunition counter.

Storm Missiles are able to damage enemies that shield themselves with electrical energy, such as the Ground Shocker and hybrids created using their DNA like the Quetshocker. The Storm Missile can break a Core-X's shell in a single salvo, but Samus only has the opportunity to do so against Golzuna's Core-X.

Official data[]

Metroid Dread Report Volume 6[]

"This lets Samus lock on to and fire multiple small missiles in succession. Set up to five targets at a time using Free Aim, then unleash it to fire three missiles at each target."

Nintendo tweets[]

Nintendo of America
"Additional Arm Cannon upgrades Samus can discover in #MetroidDread:
🥶 Ice Missile: Freeze enemies in their tracks, destroying them with a follow-up or even using some as platforms.
🎯 Storm Missile: Lock on up to five targets unleashing multiple small missiles in succession.[1]
Nintendo of Europe/UK
"Additional Arm Cannon upgrades available to Samus in #MetroidDread include Ice Missiles that freeze enemies in their tracks, and Storm Missiles which can lock onto five different targets at once (or one enemy five times!)."[2]

Metroid Dread Samus Screen[]

Dread StormMissile Demo.gif Locks on to up to five targets and fires a barrage of guided micromissiles.

Hold Switch Dread R button.png to begin charging the missiles. Once charged, a yellow laser sight will appear. Use this laser sight to designate up to five targets. After doing so, press Switch Dread Y button.png to fire a barrage of micromissiles. Consumes three units of Missile ammo per target.

Samus can use these to attack multiple lock-on points at once. They are also effective against enemies cloaked in electrical energy. In addition, they can trigger Storm Missile Boxes.



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