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The Metroid: Other M Data Network contains a Story section. When selected, a short recap of past events in the game can be read. This information updates as the game progresses and old information cannot be re-read. The story is always displayed as a save file is being loaded, during which Theme of Samus plays.


"Select this to read a short recap of recent story events."

The Story So Far[]

I had gone to planet SR388 to destroy the Metroids. After a deadly struggle I managed to defeat the Queen Metroid, and as I was preparing to return, a baby Metroid hatched before my eyes.
As I was the first thing the baby saw, it took me to be its mother.
I felt that studying the baby might produce some peaceful applications, so I took it back to the Galactic Federation.
But that baby Metroid was attacked in the middle of an experiment and fell into the hands of the Space Pirates, who were led by Mother Brain.
In the hopes of rescuing the baby, I infiltrated the stronghold controlled by Mother Brain on planet Zebes.
But Mother's overwhelming power brought me to the brink of death.
And then the strangest thing began to restore vigour to my spirit's light, which was so close to going out.
"Why am I still alive?"
The baby protected me from Mother Brain's attack.
It gave me power.
"Mother... Time to go!"
Mother Brain, the Space Pirates, and the Metroids were terminated along with the planet Zebes.
I don't know how much time passed since then. I was travelling in my Star Ship when I unexpectedly received a signal.
Code name: "Baby's Cry."
A common SOS with the urgency of a baby crying...
The nickname comes from the fact that the purpose of the signal is to draw attention.
The signal was coming from a remote part of space. I altered the course of my ship as if this detour had already been part of my flight plan.
Baby's Cry...
It was as though it was crying specifically for me...
-Samus Aran-

Story data

The threat of Metroids and Space Pirates had
seemingly disappeared from galactic society...
Samus receives a distress call known as a "Baby's Cry"
while flying through space.
Something stirs within her, and Samus sets out for the
distress call's source, a decommissioned facility called
When she arrives, a Galactic Federation ship is already
on the scene.

Before long, Samus encounters a group of soldiers led
by her former commander in the Galactic Federation
forces, Adam Malkovich.
Among the soldiers is her old friend, Anthony.
Although she's unable to to ascertain Adam's true motives
on the BOTTLE SHIP, she decides to stay.

With Samus' help, Adam's team defeats a gigantic creature.
Adam uses the incident as an opportunity to ask Samus
for her aid if she'll be willing to follow his orders.
As the soldiers split up to search the area, Samus
begins on her assigned task: restoring power to the
Main Sector.

Having restored power to the Main Sector, Samus
receives Adam's next order: investigating Sector 1.

While investigating Sector 1, Samus discovers the body
of a lab worker inside a large specimen cage.

As she continues her investigation, Samus encounters a
small, unfamiliar creature.

After finding their nest, Samus survives attacks by the
beelike creatures in Sector 1 and destroys the nest.
Samus is dumbfounded by the strange reappearance of
the small creature she saw earlier and shortly
afterward receives instructions from Adam to
head for the Exam Center.

After meeting up with Anthony and the others at
the Exam Center, Samus discovers a Zebesian with
cyborg characteristics.

The team then learns about the Federation's biological-
weapon development program and the person in charge
of it, Madeline Bergman. Shortly thereafter, a
violent, unidentified creature attacks.
Having been saved from certain death by a blast from
Anthony's plasma gun, Samus regroups with the
soldiers, who have found Lyle's corpse. Afterward,
Samus finds the cast-off skin of the small creature
she had seen earlier.
Samus receives a new order from Adam to follow
the wounded creature and investigate Sector 3.

After Samus sets out for Sector 3, the Exam Center
Adam then informs Samus that there might be
survivors in Sector 2.
Samus sets out for Sector 2.

As Samus moves through Sector 2 to confirm the
presence of survivors, she discovers the body
of one of the soldiers, Maurice, who
apparently froze to death.
A woman appears to be watching the scene from a
distance, but when she notices that Samus sees her,
she runs away.
Samus gives chase.

As the woman runs from Samus, she implies that
Maurice died at the hands of another soldier.
An industrial robot bears down on Samus and the
woman, and the person in the cab is wearing a
Federation uniform.
The woman gets away from Samus in the confusion.
Samus destroys the robot, but its operator gets
A shaken Samus receives new orders from Adam to
resume the chase of the ferocious creature and head
to Sector 3.

As she moves through Sector 3, Samus encounters
Anthony as he's being attacked by a group of
Anthony and the other soldiers had received an order
from Adam to restore functionality to the
Geothermal Power Plant.
Samus parts ways with Anthony and continues to search
Sector 3 for the monster she's tracking.

Samus then receives an order from Adam to head for
the Geothermal Power Plant.

On the way, Samus discovers another of the creature's
cast-off skins.

When Samus arrives at the Geothermal Power Plant,
she comes face-to-face with her archnemesis, Ridley.
Anthony attempts to protect the panic-stricken
Samus from Ridley and falls into the depths of the
lava that fuels the power plant.

Samus' anger returns her to her senses. She attacks
Ridley with wild shots from her Plasma Beam, but he
manages to narrowly escape.

Stricken with grief and remorse, Samus is further
bewildered by the lack of communication from Adam.
Driven by anxiety, Samus sets out for the Main Sector.
Along the way, she encounters a lone Federation soldier
who is en route to Sector 1.

Samus tails the soldier and finally arrives at the
Bioweapon Research Center deep in Sector 1, where
she encounters the mysterious woman again.
The woman identifies herself as the person in charge
of the facility, Madeline Bergman, and divulges all of
the secrets of the operation there.
Madeline claims that Samus herself had been the key
to re-creating the Metroids and that the person who
first ordered the weaponization of Metroids in the
project was Adam.
Samus sets out for Sector Zero to destroy the
Metroids and the AI that controls them, MB.

Along the way, the systems on the BOTTLE SHIP
suddenly reboot, and the propulsion system starts
Which way is the ship heading?
What's happened?
With these questions rattling around in her head,
Samus continues on.

Samus hesitates to attack a baby Metroid that
suddenly appears, and when Adam uses a freeze
gun to stop her, she collapses with Sector Zero right
before her eyes.
Adam was not the ringleader of the plot.
Adam knows the Metroids in Sector Zero can't
be frozen and decides to destroy them using a
self-destruct protocol, which he activates,
causing Sector Zero to detach and explode
while Samus remains safely behind.
Samus watches him go to his death, but finally
understanding his intentions, she overcomes her
sadness and heads toward Room MW, which he pointed
out just before he met his end.

According to Adam, the BOTTLE SHIP is heading
toward the Galactic Federation headquarters.
Deciding that she still has some time, Samus elects to
search for survivors before doing anything else.
While heading for Room MW, Samus enters the
Bioweapon Research Center. She sees the dead body
of James, but Madeline is gone.

As she approaches Room MW, Samus finds Ridley in a
shocking state.
Samus is astonished; Ridley seems almost mummified.
Believing that there still might be survivors, Samus
heads toward Room MW.

Samus finds an unidentified woman hiding and
trying to muffle her breathing in one of the storage
rooms in Room MW.
Samus' relief at finding the woman is cut short as
the Queen Metroid suddenly appears before her.
Samus and the queen fight a vicious battle. The
BOTTLE SHIP has almost entered Federation space.
Suddenly, the BOTTLE SHIP starts to rapidly
decelerate, and Samus has her chance.
Samus readies herself for death before launching a
final Power Bomb, killing the Queen Metroid.
The female survivor survives the battle but escapes
as soon as it ends. Samus pursues her.

The Federation decides to destroy the BOTTLE SHIP.
Samus returns to the BOTTLE SHIP just before it's
scheduled to be destroyed, looking for something that
was left behind. Something irreplaceable...