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The Strafe/Dash[1], also known as Sidestep[2], is a technique used by Samus Aran and the Federation Force in all games of the Metroid Prime series (excluding Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime Pinball) to avoid attacks from enemies. A Strafe/Dash is performed by locking onto an enemy or scan target and pressing B. Samus or the Marine then strafes either left or right. It can be done repetitively.

Notably, in Metroid Prime a Strafe and Dash can be used to get the Space Jump Boots early. The Strafe/Dash can be considered a precursor to the SenseMove in Metroid: Other M.

Nintendo LandEdit

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Samus Aran's Gunship has a form of Dash attack. By clicking the GamePad control stick, the Gunship will charge forward. There is a short cooldown period, represented by a small meter onscreen. This Dash is used as a means of propulsion, and must be performed to begin training exercises.

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Official dataEdit

Metroid Prime manualEdit

"Samus has a wealth of weapons and moves at her disposal, and you'll have to practice with all of them if you hope to keep her alive. One of the most important battle tactics is using the L Button to lock onto targets. If you press and hold the L Button without targeting anything, you will be able to strafe side-to-side by tilting the Control Stick.
However, if you press and hold the L Button while targeting an enemy, you will then circle around your lock-on point by tilting the Control Stick. Additionally, you can perform a quick dash move while orbiting a target-simply tap the B Button while locked-on to leap sideways. Once Samus finds the Space Jump Boots, she can perform a double-dash by tapping the B Button twice. Using these moves will be key to surviving battles with the many enemies Samus will face."

Metroid Prime tutorialEdit

"Use GC stick sideways and tap GC B button to dash while locked on."

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes tutorialEdit

"While locked on, use GC stick sideways to Strafe around enemies. Use GC stick sideways and tap GC B button to dash while locked on."



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