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Stylus Mode and Dual Mode are two alternating control schemes for Metroid Prime Hunters. The game is designed to be playable with either all button controls or button and stylus controls, to accommodate left- and right-handed players. This results in multiple control schemes. For example, in Stylus Mode, aiming the Arm Cannon is done using the stylus on the touch screen while Samus moves using the control stick, and in Dual Mode, the A B X Y buttons or control pad move Samus or aim her Arm Cannon. Jumping is accomplished using the L or R Buttons in Dual Mode, or by double tapping the touch screen in Stylus Mode.


"You can select either Stylus Mode or Dual Mode to play the game. Both modes support right- and left-handed controls. You can change the control mode by selecting CONTROLS under OPTIONS (page 13)."